Some information about me..


   Hm - soemeone commented a while back that this page reads very like a CV - I guess they were right! Sorry about that folks; maybe sometime I will get round to making it a bit more informal..

* Education

   I graduated in 1996 from Trinity Hall, a college of Cambridge University with a 2:1 in Social and Political Sciences. I took six papers in my final year, four of which were in Psychology (Empirical, Linguistics and Social Interaction, Developmental and Social), one was in Statistics and the last one was in Philosophy and Methods within Sociology.

  I also have a strong background in Computer Science having studied it in my first year. I have now just completed a Post Graduate Certificate of Education at Homerton College, Cambridge. I specialised in the 7-11 age range, and my main subject was maths. In September I start work at a school in Cambridge, teaching I.T. and Geography.

* Work Experience

   Whilst I was at college, I spent two summers working on a camp (Camp Chinqueka) in Connecticut, America as a computer counseller. I lived in a cabin with a group of the younger children (6-10 years) as well as taking classes in my activity area. The camp lasted nine weeks from June to August. I had the most amazing time and it helped me decide that Primary teaching is what I want to do.

   In the summers of '96 and '97, I spent five weeks working as a Playworker for the Cambridge City Council. This involved running various activities for children during the school summer holidays such as Arts and Crafts, Science, Chinese Days, African days, Cookery and more.

   Last year, I worked at St Faith's School, Cambridge, as a Classrom Assistant. I helped out with classes in all subjects and discovered that I really enjoy CDT having never done it before! I also took small groups of children for special needs work and worked with entire classes when other teachers were absent. It was a very enjoyable experience which aided me in my PGCE year.

* Hobbies

  1. Trampolining
      I have trampolined for about seven years now. I gained my British Trampolining Federation Grade One Coach Award when I was in the Upper Sixth at school and in 1995 I completed my Advanced Part One Choach Award. As well as coaching, I am still a keen performer and have my Elementary Gold Proficieny Badge. These days I bounce with the Camrbridge University Trampoline Club which I was President of for the year 1995-1996.
  2. Ballroom Dancing
      I have attended Ballroom and Latin classes with the Cambridge Dancers' Club for nearly four years, and have gained my IDTA Silver medals in both. I am now working for my Gold medals as well as continuing to attend the intermediate classes. I am also on the committee for the year 1998 - 1999.
  3. Computers
      As for computers, well, I am a member of the Cambridge University Computer Society, and was membership secretary for two years. The society holds regular speaker meetings and Formal Halls, as well as the annual Garden Party.

      I still retain a strong interest in computers, despite not having ended up doing Computer Science. Email is probably the quickest way to get in touch with me! And I'm probably spending much longer than I should writing this web page..

* Music

  I like a wide range of music from classical to folk to more mainstream pop. My CD collection is here for those who are interested. On my list of wants are: REM - Out of Time, Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales and Fairport Convention - The History of Fairport. Oh, and I want the Disney Collection too, but I'm Not Supposed To Admit That In Public. :-)

* Pets and fluffy toys!

  I like animals, expecially cats. I have two goldfish called Beta and Psi and at home we have two cats called Sonnie and Bonnie. As well as this I have a large fluffy toy collection. The oldest member of this is my owl Wol, who is very cute honest! The most recent addition is a fluffy turtle called Tom. Or he could be a tortoise, we're not sure how to tell the difference!


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